ILGA-Europe's Diversity Fund


ILGA-Europe’s Diversity Fund aims to support greater participation by LGBTI activists at ILGA-Europe’s Annual Conference. All donations made to ILGA-Europe’s Diversity Fund will go towards scholarships for activists from segments of the LGBTI communities who are otherwise under-represented within the broader movement.

Your donations are very much appreciated and every euro will help increase visibility and engagement levels. For example:

  • €25 will cover one-half day's participation including food and programme costs at ILGA-Europe's Annual Conference
  • €50 pays for one day's participation at ILGA-Europe's Annual Conference
  • €100 will cover two day's participation at ILGA-Europe's Annual Conference
  • €500 will pay for one participant's travel costs and three days of participation at ILGA-Europe's Annual Conference
  • €1000 represents a full scholarship including all three days' hotel, programme and food costs as well as the travel costs for the participant

Please help us to open up the Annual Conference to as many activists as possible by donating to our Diversity Fund. By doing so, you are contributing to make the European LGBTI movement as diverse as possible.

Each donation, no matter how small or big, will help us.

Your recurring contribution will be processed automatically. You will receive an email receipt for each recurring contribution.
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