Media registration for ILGA-Europe's Annual Conference 2017

Interested in covering ILGA-Europe's 2017 Annual Conference in Warsaw? 

***CLOSING DATE FOR MEDIA REGISTRATION: Monday 30 October 17.00 CET. ***

The deadline for media accreditation for Warsaw 2017 has now passed.

Do not submit any information using this form after 17.00 on 30 October. It will not be monitored and your application will not be confirmed.


To apply for late registration, please contact the ILGA-Europe communications team:


Access to the conference will only be available to accredited journalists who have received confirmation from ILGA-Europe, have registered at the ILGA-Europe registration desk, and are wearing their media pass. 


***Please note: any accreditation requests sent through this form after 17.00 on Monday 30 October are not guaranteed to be approved before the conference. (This email address will not be regularly monitored.)***


Background information:


Media passes will be provided to accredited/qualified editorial staff for print, broadcast or online publications, or freelance journalists. 


ILGA-Europe will confirm your registration via email.


***CLOSING DATE FOR MEDIA REGISTRATION: Monday 30 October 17.00 CET. ***

A media pass entitles you to attend:

  • panel discussions
  • plenary sessions
  • the press conference

Photography and filming are permitted during plenary sessions and panel discussions, with the exception of clearly designated ‘no photography’ zones. 


Conference workshops are generally closed spaces - please inform ILGA-Europe if you are interested in attending a workshop. In any case, all workshop participants must be comfortable with your presence, so always check with them in advance. Some workshops will be marked with an * in the programme and are not available to be covered by the media. 


Access to the social programme is not included as part of the media pass. (Social activities must be safe spaces for activists.) 


Media registration does not entitle you to meals or accommodation. ILGA-Europe are not in a position to cover travel or related costs.