Media registration for ILGA-Europe's Annual Conference 2016

Interested in covering ILGA-Europe's 20th Annual Conference in Nicosia? Please fill in this form to register for a media pass.

Media passes will be provided to accredited/qualified editorial staff for print, broadcast or online publications, or freelance journalists.

ILGA-Europe will confirm your registration via email.

A media pass entitles you to attend:

  • panel discussions
  • plenary sessions
  • workshops – except those marked with an * in the programme and provided the workshop’s participants are comfortable with your presence.

Media registration does not entitle you to meals or accommodation. ILGA-Europe are not in a position to cover travel or related costs.

Photography and filming are permitted during plenary sessions and panel discussions, with the exception of clearly designated ‘no photography’ zones. 

Name of the newspaper, magazine, TV station, radio network, blog site, online/internet media or other media you write for. (Please feel free to include links to any of your recent work on the rights of LGBTI people/equality/human rights in Europe.)