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Destination>>Equality on Gender

ILGA-Europe is proud to present the latest edition of our magazine Destination>>Equality which focuses on gender and the15th Anniversary of ILGA-Europe.
Find and read the magazine here

Training on Monitoring implementation of the Council of Europe's Committee of Ministers Recommendation on LGBT rights

On the 3-6 February 2012, ILGA-Europe hosted a four-day training on Monitoring implementation of the Council of Europe's Committee of Ministers Recommendation on LGBT rights in Brussels for 20 participants from 18 countries.

Theme decided for the ILGA-Europe Annual Conference 2012

The Annual Conference 2012 in Dublin, Ireland, which will take place between 18-21 October will be focusing on the theme 'Advancing LGBTI equality in challenging economic times'.

ILGA-Europe joins LGBTSupports

LGBTSupports is a new platform for LGBT organisations to share their news and projects via a website and a smart phone application. ILGA-Europe joined the project mid-February 2012.
Read more about LGBTSupports here


Shameful and retrograde decision from the City Council of Balti in Moldova

ILGA-Europe finds the adoption of the decision “On proclamation of the city of Balti zone of support for Moldovan Orthodox Church and inadmissibility of aggressive propaganda of non-traditional sexual orientations” by the City Council of Balti shameful and retrograde.
Read the statement from ILGA-Europe here

St Petersburg’s ‘propaganda’ law adopted

St. Petersburg’s law-makers adopted – in the third and final reading – the shameful law on prohibition of so-called propaganda of 'sodomy, lesbianism, bisexualism and transgenderism, and paedophilia to minors'.
Read the statement from ILGA-Europe here

Two more arrests for homosexuality in the north of Cyprus

Two men were brought before a court in the northern part of Cyprus, accused of having taken part in ‘acts against nature’. The northern part of Cyprus is the last territory in Europe where homosexuality is a crime.
Read more about the arrest and the reaction from the European Parliament's Intergroup on LGBT Rights here

Cecilia Malmström praises love in all forms with help from ILGA-Europe

The EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Cecilia Malmström, refered to the work of ILGA-Europe in her Valentine edition of her blog, A Day To Praise Love.
Read the blog here

Kaos GL winner of SOLIDAR Silver Rose Award 2012

The Turkish LGBT organisation and ILGA-Europe member, KAOS GL, is one of the winners of the SOLIDAR Silver Rose Awards. The award is given to help raise the profile of individuals and organisations whose struggles contribute greatly to social justice and equality throughout the world. Kaos GL is awarded for their crucial work in Turkey for LGBT people. The ceremony will take place in Brussels on 7 March 2012 in the European Parliament.
Read more about the award here

European Parliament to discuss equal pay on the International Women’s Day

Every year the European Parliament celebrates the International Women’s Day with an event that brings together European and national MPs from parliamentary committees for equal opportunities. In 2012 the event will focus on the theme "Equal pay for work of equal value". President Martin Schulz will open the debate.
Read more about the event on the website of the European Women's Lobby


Important judgment in hate speech case by the European Court of Human Rights

The European Court of Human Rights says that criminal conviction for distributing leaflets offensive to homosexuals was not contrary to freedom of expression.
Read the media release from ILGA-Europe here

Call for submissions: OSCE Hate crime report 2011

ILGA-Europe have started preparing our global submission to the OSCE/ODIHR, in view of their annual report on hate crime in 2011. In order to get a comprehensive submissions on all the countries you can to send us all relevant information on incidents reported in 2011. Send the information by Monday 19 March 2012 to Joël Le Déroff, Senior Policy and Programmes Officer (joel@ilga-europe.org).
Read more about the OSCE/ODIHR annual reports on hate crime here

Verdict of the Court of Appeal in Belgrade for hate speech against LGBT people

Court of Appeal in Belgrade confirmed that hate speech against LGBT people can not be justified by freedom of speech and information.

First criminal conviction in Britain for the offence of stirring up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation

On 20 January 2012, a jury in Britain’s Derby Crown Court delivered a guilty verdict to three out of five men charged with the offence of stirring up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation.
Read more about the judgment on the website of Equal Rights Trust

Lithuanian fined for hate speech on Facebook

37-year-old man from Vilnius has been ordered in court to pay a fine of 450 euros (1560 Lithuanian litas) for a comment he posted under an article on Facebook about the world-famous singer Lady Gaga’s criticism of the Lithuanian Government. 


Second-parent adoption by same-sex couples in Switzerland

The Federal Council of Switzerland declared in a public statement that it considered it “appropriate to permit second-parent adoption for same-sex couples in the best interests of the child”. This will most likely lead to an inclusive legislation regarding second parent adoption by same-sex couples.

Two votings in Portugal on LGBTI families

In January and February, there were two votes in the Portuguese Parliament on same-sex parenting - one on fertility treatment and one on joint adoption.

Italian judgment concerning the right to free movement and same-sex marriages

The judgment from the First Instance Court of Reggio Emilia in Italy is very interesting as this seems to be the first time, that an Italian judge recognises the right to family reunification to a spouse of the same-sex in application of directive 2004/38 CE.

New publication: Doing Families. Gay and Lesbian Family Practices

The book is about same-sex families - or more precisely: about specific frameworks within or without which family practices of gays and lesbians can be lived and interpreted in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United States.


Sweden will remove the sterilization requirement after strong pressure from the national and international community

The right wing Christian Democratic party in the Swedish coalition government has agreed to a change its position regarding a reform of the law and abolish the sterilization requirement after a heated debate and an international storm of protests.
Read the joint letter from Transgender Europe and ILGA-Europe to the Swedish Primeminister here and read the press release from Transgender Europe on the latest delevelopment here

Road to new ID documents eased for trans people in Croatia

Trans people will be able to obtain identification documents that reflect their wished gender, even if they have not undergone their gender reassignment.

Call for papers for a special issue of Lambda Nordica on: 'Trans rights as human rights- the implications for trans health(care)'

This special issue of Lambda Nordica wants to focus specifically on the healthcare context as a key space in which issues of rights, responsibilities and care are highlighted.
Read more about the call for papers here

Public transport and trans issues

Can public transport be better when it comes to social inclusion and trans issues? Around 40 public transport users and operators from across Europe will meet in Coimbra, Portugal in March to discuss how to realise social inclusion.
Read here on the website of Transgender Europe how you can contribute


New publication: The Bisexuality Report

The report provides key recommendations on the inclusion and the separate consideration of the needs of bisexual people in policy and practice, drawing on national and international research evidence and expertise to support these recommendations.

New publication: Confronting Homophobia in Europe (Social and Legal Perspectives)

The publication presents the findings of a European project on homophobia and fundamental rights in which sociologists and legal experts have analysed the position in four Member States: Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and the UK.

High-level legal seminar - Discrimination cases in front of the European Courts and the role of National Equality Bodies, 28 March 2012

The seminar organised by Equinet is aimed at legal experts and practitioners involved in anti-discrimination law – including senior legal staff/experts from national equality bodies, from the European Institutions, agencies and other international organisations, from national and European NGOs, the academic world and social partners active in the field of non-discrimination and equal treatment law. Deadline for registration: 2 March 2012.
Read more about the seminar here

Call for papers - Workshop: Sexual Orientation Discrimination in the Labor Market, Paris, France, 20-22 June 2012

Goal of the workshop is to create an opportunity for researchers working on the topic of "Discrimination based on Sexual Orientation" to meet and work together in order to stimulate future joint research. 
Read more about the workshop here

Spring course on Comparative Sexual Orientation Law, The Hague, The Netherlands, 23 April-25 May 2012

The course looks at how homosexual behaviour, lesbian and gay individuals, and same-sex relationships are being treated in the laws of different countries and in the minimum standards of different international bodies. Issues of (de-)criminalisation, (anti-)discrimination, partnership and parenting will be discussed.
Read more about the course here

Summer School on Sexual Orientation Law, Barcelona, Spain, 2-31 July 2012

The curriculum will have a focus on international and comparative law. Eight courses will be taught by American and European scholars, practitioners and policy makers. Students would typically follow three of these courses. Note application deadline: 1 March 2012. 
Read more about the summer school here


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